artist list for July 2017

fantastic artists ahead.

These artists were going to fill our trucks with their work in May, 2017, but we got thunderstormed out. Our next artruck will be on July 15, 2017 (rain date is July 16, 2017.)

We hope that these artists can join us in July and will keep the list updated as we learn more. Meanwhile, thanks to all names below for wanting to participate!

Please come to the event at the 1100 block of Ashland in Evanston to view the art and meet the artists and each other.


See the information about  what it takes
to be an artruck artist here.

Contact us! Email julie cowan.


Our artist roster for July 2017

Marcello Anon
Pam Baumgartner
Zuleyka Benitez
Carol Bobrow
Alene Boyer
Cie Bond
Jesse Bond
Julie Cowan
Melanie Deal
Charlie Friedlander
Bill Friedman
Brad Gibbs
Ben Good

Doug Haight
Jill Hurwitz

Tom Jackson
Lea Basile Lazarus
Eden Lee
Larry Lundy
Edward Mallon

Kathy Mandell
Ross Martens

Abby McLean
Joerg Metzner
Katherine Metzner
Terri Michaels
Socorro Mucino
Kristen Neveu
Darren Oberto
Leslie Riley
Marla Siebold
Eric Sorenson
Rich Sparks
Joseph Taylor
Amy Woodbury

The artists in artruck are generally from Evanston or Chicago. We recruit new artists to join in to our exhibition on a continuous basis. If you, or someone you know, is interested please come to artruck and find Julie to ask about it. Or, feel free to email me at and let me know about your artwork.