artist list July 2018

fantastic artists ahead.

Marcello Anon
Pam Macsai Baumgartner
Zuleyka Benitez
Ben Blount
Cie Bond
Jesse Bond
Julie Cowan
Melanie Deal
Dorit Jordan Dotan
Joyce Elias
Charlie Friedlander
Tom Graham
Mary Graham
Stephen Guenther
Doug Haight
Jill Hurwitz
Sharon Hyson
Lea Basile Lazarus
Steve Leith
Larry Lundy
Gerry Macsai
Kathy Mandell
Joerg Metzner
Katherine Metzner
Terri Michaels
Laura Morton
Socorro Mucino
Kristen Neveu
Darren Oberto
Asia Sageman
Monica Sageman
Marla Seibold
Eric Sorenson
Rich Sparks
Lindy Stockton
Joe Taylor
Amy Woodbury

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The artists in artruck are generally from Evanston or Chicago. We recruit new artists to join in to our exhibition on a continuous basis. If you, or someone you know, is interested please come to artruck and find Julie to ask about it. Or, feel free to email me at and let me know about your artwork.