artruckish 2022

artruckish 2022 is live!

This community arts exhibition is a kind of exquisite corpse (see definition here), one continuous piece.
Each artist was given a sheet with a small amount of text without knowing the source.
They could make any art they wished on their sheet.

Over 60 artists made work assembled into one larger piece to be read in a specific order.

The text on each artwork is from the wonderful novel, “Lincoln in the Bardo“, Chapter CIII,
pages 331-335, by George Saunders.

We enjoyed artruckish in 2021 – and we hope it will offer some goodness again to the artists and everyone else in 2022.

Visit the artruck website and see the exhibition!

embossed sheet with quote

I made 64 embossed 8.5 x 11 sheets with a small bit of text glued on the bottom of each.  (This text comes from a chapter of a book.) The book is a secret right now. It will be unveiled soon!

The exhibition is on the artruck website and it is on instagram – @artruckish. The work is also going to be at 1716 Sherman Avenue, in the retail shop windows during April 2022.

At this time we are not planning an opening or an in person gathering. Covid is still a bit too close for comfort.

Please let me (jcowan{at} know if you want more info about artruckish.