Lithograph art by Julie Cowan titled "Redactions at Mar-a-Lago"

Showing at The Contemporary Print 2023

One of the text works created this year, a lithograph titled “Redactions at Mar-a-Lago” will be showing in Austin Texas at Print Austin. The Contemporary Print exhibit will show this piece with others selected.

Lithograph art by Julie Cowan titled "Redactions at Mar-a-Lago"

This work transforms photographs of text from the redacted version of the search warrant affidavit at Mar-A-Lago in 2022, into a lithographic image, created to construct new meanings and ideas in the viewer.

The matrix is a digital image which I manipulated and tiled so that the print is built of discernable separate parts and are then assembled as a whole. Ambiguity is created by the texture and disturbances in the printing outcome as well as the abstraction of the graphical image.  What was a federal government document becomes radically different in composition, in visual display and in meaning. 

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